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  • Prefabricated Steel Structure Chicken House

  • Prefabricated Steel Structure Chicken House

  • Prefabricated Steel Structure Chicken House

  • Prefabricated Steel Structure Chicken House

  • Prefabricated Steel Structure Chicken House

Prefabricated Steel Structure Chicken House


Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

If you are interested in our chicken house,Could you please kindly tell me what size chicken house do you want to build or how many chickens are you going to feed? Given economic feeding ,we suggest thatyour length does not exceed 130 m , width does not exceed 20.

If could , you'd better tell me your local wind and snow. As your data ,our engineer could give your the speicifc budget.


Integration (steel structure building construction + breeding equipment design and manufacturing + environmental control design + installation and after sales) greatly shortens the construction period compared with traditional chicken houses, and the coordination between the various professions is more closely. It has better heat preservation and insulation. The chicken house is composed of feeding system, water drinking system, environmental control system and lighting system, which can improve the economic benefits of breeding.

All-in-one feeding mode is a feeding mode that aim at high work  intensity, high production, high output and high economic efficiency  with better equipments,advanced management & technology.

Integrated management is a basic direction for higher efficiency of modern enterprises.

The word "Integrated”has 2 meanings, which contains the gathering of production factors like labour force, material and financial resources, and the value orientation of saving and high efficiency during the gathering of the production factors. In one word, integrated management aims at cutting down the cost and manage effectively, gathering the central forces of the company.


1. Base:Concrete and steel foundation bolts
2,Column and beam:material Q345or Q235 steel, all bolts connection ,straight cross-section or Variable cross-section
3. Bracing:X or V or other type bracing made from angle , round pipe etc.
4. Galvanized C or Z purlin:size from C100~C320,Z160~Z300
5.Roof and Wall Panel1.Single colorful corrugated steel sheet --Thickness:0.4-0.7mm; Width:470-1150mm, etc.
2.Sandwich panel with EPS, rock wool, glass wool, PU etc.
insulation -- Thickness around 50mm~150mm; Width: 960mm or 950mm
6. Vertical and transversal support:Q235 angle steel, round bar or steel pipe.
7. wallWire meshes with curtain system or sandwich panel
8.equipment1.Main feeding line system
*2.Poultry feed pan system
3.Nipple drinking system
4.Ventilation system
5.Cooling pad system
6.Spraying system
7.Heating system
8.Environment control system
9. life span50 years
10. packingStandard container package 40 GP or 40 HQ container
11. sizeCustomized
12. Installation on siteAvailable


1. Automatic feed pan line system

V-shape bin (with hopper)Bin volume: 100L
Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet
MotorPower: 0.75Kw/1.1Kw/1.5Kw 
Voltage: 380V, three-phase/220V, single-phase/others
Delivery pipeDiameter of pipe: 45mm  
Material: hot-dip galvanized steel
AugerFeeding ability: 450Kg/h (maximum)
Feed panPan distance: 4 pans/3m, 3 pans/3m  
Raising ability: 45-55 birds/pc   
Material: pure engineering plastic
SensorOrigin: Germany
Suspension &lifting deviceWe can adjust the feeding line by winch.
Anti-perching deviceIt prevents birds staying on the feeding line for too long

Feed pan is the core of feeding system.This system deliver feed automatically through motor under the control of feed sensor,which ensure birds feeding during whole growing period.Feed in the hopper is delivered by the motor, through delivery pipe to fulfill feed pans one by one. When all of the feed pans are all of feed, control box will stop the motor from working.The distance between 2 feeding line is about 4m. This is also the important thing to concern when design the size of chicken house.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

2. Cooling pad system
Evaporative cooling pad system works in the condition of negative pressure, the cooling pad is installed on one side of the wall, fan installed other side. When air flow through cooling pads, the water evaporation absorbs a lot amount of heat.
The height of cooling pad is 1.5-2.2m, the area of cooling pad in chicken house is about 6-8 times than the fans.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

3. Automatic ventilation fan system

The main parts of ventilation system is the big fan and small fan. They are controlled by the control system. The number of the fans to run was decided by the temperature of the poultry house. 
About 200 sqm need 1 big fan and 15-20m need a small fan, this is the standard to design the quantity of fans in chicken house

Specifications50'' box fan36'' box fan
Flow amount (m3/h)4100020800
Size (L*W*H) (mm)1380*1380*4501000*1000*450
Noise level≤65dB≤64dB

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

*The system controls climate condition, can provide fresh air, proper humidity and temperature for birds, ensuring your chickens provide maximum production.
*The system including ventilation fan (box fan or butterfly cone fan) and air inlets.
*If your chicken farm is open, there is no need to use 36'' fan and air inlets, however, you might need curtain system.

4. Automatic nipple drinking line system
This system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of Poultry. 
The drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

5. Main Feeding System
This system delivers feed from the silo to the hopper in the poultry house. There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line which control the motor on and off automatical to release automatic delivery.Feed of poultry raising farm is stored in the silo, so as to save large amount of package, and also to ensure the health of feed. Different specifications of silos are alternative to choose according to the daily consumption and the size of silo. Material of silo consists of galvanized sheet and glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed
6. Spraying System
This system effectively cools,humidifies,dedusts and disinfects the henhouse(the temerature is quickly reduced by 3-8 degrees centigrade within a few minutes).

7. Environment Control System
This system saves the labor and the resources under the condition of assuring the optimum growth environment of the chickens. It is imported from Israel can set an optimum working mode according to the local climate and raising environment.

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

Prefabricated Steel Structure Broiler House for Poultry Shed

1.You are manufacture factory or trading company?
A: We are manufacture factory. And you are welcomed to visit us for inspection. Xinguangzheng workshop and the quality control flow will show you our professional.

2.Is your price competitive with other companies?
A: Our business objectives are to give the best price with same quality and best quality with the same price. We will do everything we can to reduce your cost.

3.Do you offer service for installation?
A: We will give detailed installation drawings and direction info for free. And we could send engineers as installation director even a team.

4.Do you accept container loading inspection?
A: You are welcomed to send an inspector, not only for the container loading, but any time during the production time.