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Alc Plate Purchase Tips

Mar. 05, 2020

ALC is an abbreviation for Autoclaved lightweight concrete. ALC boards are made of silica sand, cement, lime and other raw materials, and are formed by multi-porous concrete formed by heating and maintenance with pressurized steam. Improved construction steel reinforcement); can be widely used in concrete and steel structure housing, company offices, industrial plants' interior / exterior walls / floors / roofs, fire prevention boards, vent walls, steel structure beams and columns, fire maintenance, sound insulation Renovation of walls, old houses and buildings.

1. ALC panel can also be immediately applied to the exterior wall surface of various architectural structures. In view of the many well-proportioned small air holes in the solid wood panel, the alc self-insulation exterior wall panel has extraordinary insulation and insulation. It has the dual characteristics of temperature, and when applied to the external wall, the alc self-insulation and external wall board is much thinner than ordinary aerated concrete, which can meet the national environmental protection and energy-saving thermal insulation regulations.

2. There are many symmetrical small air holes inside the ALC panel, so it also has the dual characteristics of sound absorption and sound insulation; the high precision of the plate can also create a high-density indoor space with a quiet and comfortable living environment.

3. As the key raw material of Xinguangzheng's alc self-insulation exterior wall board is silicon sand, which is steam-cured at high temperature and has no radioactive materials, it belongs to green environmental protection decorative materials.

4. ALC panel prefabricated villa is an inorganic silicate material that does not age and has good performance. Its application period is consistent with the use period of various building constructions.

5. ALC board production is modernized and standardized, and the installation is scaled up. It can be used for cutting, planing, drilling, and quicker construction work. On-site construction of prefabricated buildings greatly shortens the construction cycle time and labor of the construction Expenses related to construction equipment. Compared with the construction period, the construction period and the aeration block can be reduced by one-third to one-half;

For ALC board, its material is three high-quality materials with high quality, high quality and high effect. Then, the material of this kind of board is prepared through multiple high temperature and high pressure treatment, and this kind of board is used repeatedly, which has a long life and is convenient for maintenance. It can be said that it is a high-quality sheet, which is very strong and wear-resistant, and is a must for construction.

The average household consumer who purchases ALC board is installed on the shower roof, and this has high requirements for the performance of the board. Not only can it resist pressure, it can also have a good effect in terms of insulation. Of course, if it is used in a large factory, it needs to be able to absorb more noise or be able to effectively eliminate noise, so as to be of high quality.

ALC board performance characteristics:

Sound insulation: This material is a porous material composed of a large number of uniform, disconnected tiny pores, and has good sound insulation performance. The average sound insulation of 100-thick ALC board is 40.8dB, and the average sound insulation of 150-thick ALC board. 45.8 dB.

Fire resistance: ALC board is a non-combustible inorganic material with good fire resistance. As a wallboard, the fire resistance of 100 thick plates is 3.23 hours; the thickness of 150 thick plates is> 4 hours; the fire resistance of 50 thick plate protection steel beams is> 3 hours ; 50 thick plate protection steel column fire resistance> 4 hours; both exceeded the first-class fire resistance standard.

Durability: ALC is an inorganic silicate material that does not age and has good durability. Its service life can match the service life of various buildings.

Alc Panel

Alc Panel

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