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Custom Container Room Needs To Refer To The 5 Major Requirements

Nov. 19, 2019

Container house manufacturer will introduce to you: as a temporary building, container house is widely used in many projects. With the improvement of design and manufacturing level, its safety and comfort are gradually improved. The use concept of container house is gradually recognized by the society, and the utilization rate is greatly increased. At present, the biggest demand for container housing in China is temporary construction in the construction industry and urban rail transit construction sites, which are used for workers' dormitories, offices, canteen-halls and warehouses.

In former areas, simple shelters built of small Angle steel tents or bamboo tents made of bamboo were used; The development to now the light steel structure combination housing with more and more, in the construction site, urban rail transit construction site is almost all the light steel structure combination housing. According to the analysis shows that more and more people are optimistic about the development prospects of container room, a lot of high-quality container board room in various industries have played an indispensable important role. Some customers also customize Container rooms with different styles and specifications. What are the technical standards to refer to for custom flat pack containers?

custom Flat Pack Container

custom Flat Pack Container


Material requirements

Different materials of the container room will bring different comfort, custom box room can be based on the actual needs of customers, but also some customers will use the container room as a mobile trailer.From a large number of custom statistics, the vast majority of container room with cotton color steel plate, ceiling around and ground keel position can be considered to use galvanized four-sided square steel pipe.


Environmental requirements

Modern times is an era of environmental protection and efficiency, and this requirement has been implemented in social practice.In terms of research and development and production, it is also gradually inclined to produce environmentally friendly products.The environmental protection of container room is multi-faceted, on the one hand is the use of its own materials, on the other hand is the environmental impact on the building.The former does not need to be said, while the latter means that it will not cause any pollution to the environment when used, and will not produce any pollution or harmful substances during the construction process.Traditional houses do not have such environmental protection.


Nodal process requirements

The door of the container room needs to bear greater pressure, and materials with higher strength are needed to ensure that the door does not deform;Room floor in the splicing position to pay attention to retain the location of assembly and disassembly blocks, in the process of production need to pay attention to the identification;The interior and exterior of the room can be covered with colored steel plates.In addition, the location of the toilet, kitchen, toilet and so on needs to retain the exhaust fan and the side drain position to promote the living suitability.


Electrical layout requirements

Electrical layout for container room is very important, it is recommended to customize with more experienced manufacturers, in order to better complete the layout of related electrical requirements.The room arranges socket to need reasonable, quantity wants appropriate, and when installing socket, want to notice to keep level with metope.In addition, the wiring layout of the container room should pay attention to the security of the direction and set waterproof measures more appropriate.


Saving requirements

Container room can give full play to its capacity not only big advantage, can increase according to demand quantity single or double bed, reduced living cost investment greatly.Following the principle of recycling, it shows more economical characteristics, at the same time, there is a complete data analysis of how to regulate the budget is reasonable, how to allocate the budget is rational and scientific.

Container room with the improvement of technology and upgrade more and more by the attention of all walks of life, more and more people in the search for a good reputation of container room to order.Custom container board room not only needs to understand the requirements of relevant materials and node process requirements, but also needs to meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, so it is recommended that buyers consult the corresponding technical requirements of container room in advance.

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