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The Advantages of Polyurethane Sandwich Panels Being Widely Used (Part 1)

Nov. 12, 2020

Polyurethane Sandwich PanelSandwich Panel supplier shares this article for you.

Everyone knows that polyurethane insulation materials have the most excellent performance among organic insulation materials. Some commentary organizations have also promoted that polyurethane insulation materials will become the material with the largest market share in the future.

Polyurethane sandwich panel is a choice of two layers of high-quality color coated steel plates or other precision pressed metal sheets as the surface material. After roll forming, a flame-retardant polyurethane foam liquid is injected in the middle. Under specific process conditions such as foam curing, it is combined with the strong adhesion and characteristics of the metal panel to form a beautiful, smooth, and tough building board. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, heat preservation, waterproofing, sound insulation, etc., and brings high-quality appearance effects to buildings. It is currently the world's most forward-looking ideal building board for energy-saving, environmental protection, and artistic architecture.

1. Polyurethane wall panel

Scope of application: wall protection of various steel structure buildings such as industrial plants, civil buildings, and public buildings

Board type attributes: Board surface width: 1m Decorative seam width: 0mm, 40mm Online cutting length: 3-18m

Features of the board: the visual effect of changing scenes. Integrating three-dimensional sense and elegant decorative effect, the gloss, chroma, and brightness of the wall will produce bright and dark stripes depending on the angle and position of the light.

Sheet composition: upper profiled steel plate, polyurethane insulation material, lower profiled steel plate.

Polyurethane wall energy-saving panels are generally used for the outer roof panels of buildings. The panels have good thermal insulation, polyurethane wall panels, and sound insulation effects. Polyurethane does not support combustion and meets fire safety. The combined effect of the upper and lower panels with polyurethane has high strength and rigidity. The lower panel is smooth and flat, with clear lines, which increases the indoor beauty and flatness. Easy to install, short construction period, and beautiful, it is a new type of building material.

The visual effect of changing scenes. Integrating three-dimensional sense and elegant decorative effect, the gloss, chroma, and brightness of the wall produce bright and dark stripes with different light angles and positions.

2. Polyurethane roof panel

PU Sandwich Panel is suitable for industrial and commercial buildings with a roof slope of 3%. It is a self-cleaning high-grade panel, which reduces the amount of dust on the roof and keeps the roof of the polyurethane roof panel building permanent crystals and high peaks. The bearing capacity of the roof panel is improved, and it has the characteristics of large span, fast drainage, and convenient installation. The lap joint is designed with fluid mechanics to ensure fast installation, airtightness, and good capillary seepage prevention.

● Use concealed nail connection, the board surface overlaps tightly.

● The unique design of the waterproof tank effectively prevents rainwater leakage and avoids the phenomenon of cold bridges.

● The wave height of 40mm greatly improves the bearing capacity of the roof panel. While ensuring the insulation effect of the building, it effectively reduces the customer's construction cost, and the roof slope can reach as low as 3%.

It is suitable for the non-load-bearing roof enclosure of various steel structure buildings such as industrial factories, civil buildings, and public buildings.


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