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Steel Structure Workshop——Product of Green Industrial Development

Mar. 19, 2020

The custom steel structural factory is known as the main representative of green and low-carbon construction. It has been widely used in developed countries, and it has replaced the promotion of the traditional civil construction industry. According to the news, the best earthquake resistance in Japan recently is the steel structure factory, followed by the wooden structure house, and the reinforced concrete structure house. The steel structure workshop newly built in Japan has been widely used in the construction of steel structure workshops, which has the advantage of fast construction. Ensure the overall effect of the space of the steel structure workshop, avoid the lateral instability of the pressure bar, and avoid excessive vibration of the draw bar. The color steel plate bears and transmits the horizontal load to ensure the stability and convenience when constructing the device.

Hidden in the high-rise buildings of urban buildings in Japan are steel-framed endless rubber pads and built-in hydraulic pressure shock absorbers. These modern Japanese constructions have reduced the damage caused by major earthquakes. .

At that time, steel structure workshops “settled on technological innovation, changed the traditional construction system, promoted the industrialization, standardization and matching of steel structure workshops, promoted the development and use of steel structure workshop projects”, and “replacing wood with steel to maintain the earth ’s ecology "Capital; steel structure workshops with steel points to promote green and environmentally friendly construction" has become a new method and new idea for sustainable development in the field of engineering construction.

The country's first national industrial base of steel structure workshops was established to accelerate the industrialization process of steel structure workshops, improve its safety functions and quality, change the production methods of steel structure workshops, and promote energy-saving, green, and low-carbon environmental protection Very important presentation and guidance effect.

Compared to traditional workshops, the decking steel structural factory has high strength and light weight. Under the same force, the steel structure has a small weight and can be made into a steel structure with a large span. In addition, the steel has good plasticity and resistance. Generally, it will definitely not suddenly break due to accidental or partial overload, and it has strong adaptability to dynamic loads. In addition to the two advantages mentioned above, the steel structure workshop is also reliable. Because the results of theoretical calculations are used in actual work, it is safer. In terms of weldability, tightness, fire resistance and corrosion resistance, steel structure workshops have certain advantages. Compared with traditional workshops, steel structure workshops are more secure and reliable.

Custom h Section Steel Structural

Custom h Section Steel Structural

Custom H section steel structural has many advantages such as light weight and high strength, convenient installation, and environmental protection, which make it unique in building materials. It also has inherent advantages in the development of prefabricated buildings. However, the steel structure is relatively expensive, and in order to ensure the durability and fire resistance of the structure, the steel structure needs regular maintenance. Therefore, it is currently mainly used in super high-rises and public buildings. There are still some application limitations on the large number of residential buildings opposite Sex.

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