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What about the Performance of Prefabricated Houses?

Mar. 01, 2020

1. Thermal insulation and sound insulation

Advanced external insulation methods meet the latest energy-saving standards for buildings in China, eliminate the phenomenon of hot and cold bridges, and keep the building away from damage caused by wet deformation, decay, and erosion. The unique design of heat reflection and ventilation layer makes the building insulation more effective. The temperature in summer can be lower than 5-8 ℃.

2. Earthquake resistance and wind resistance

Decorative steel structure is flexibly connected by bolts and screws to effectively absorb seismic energy. Walls and foundations are equipped with anti-drilling and anti-shear joints, and the house is light in weight. First, the earthquake resistance is above 9 degrees, so the seismic performance is superior to that of concrete houses. The roof trusses, floor slabs, walls, foundations, and various components are reliably and firmly connected through special accessories, which can withstand typhoons below level 14.

Decorative Steel Structure

Decorative Steel Structure

3. Roof loading and fire prevention

The snow load on the roof can be individually designed according to the climatic conditions, which can meet the snow load requirement of 1.5 meters and the maximum fire resistance 3-5H.

4. Noise reduction

It adopts perfect sound insulation and shock absorption technology to meet national building sound insulation standards, especially in the most sensitive 250-1000H2 audio of human ears, focusing on professional enhancement processing to create a quiet and comfortable living environment.

5, moisture-proof ventilation

Ventilation compartments are set up inside the walls and roofs, and the natural wind effect is formed by the difference in air density and temperature. The unidirectional ventilation layer is set up inside the compound fence structure, so that the walls and the roof have the function of "breathing".

6, durable

The custom H section steel structure is galvanized and special anti-corrosion treatment, so it can protect the steel from corrosion and prolong the service life of the steel.

7.Energy saving and environmental protection

Energy saving: Reduce energy consumption by 65% -90%

Water saving: dry construction operation, which is 10% of the water consumption of traditional construction

Material saving: 90% of building materials can be recycled

Land saving: increase the use area of the set by 10%

Environmental protection: recycling, pollution-free building system

Villa materials and architecture:

The main components of easy assembled villa have 4 major structures: light steel frame structure, wall structure, floor structure and roof structure

1. Lightweight steel frame structure: assembled in the field after processing in the factory, it has the characteristics of high strength, good seismic performance, simple and fast assembly and construction, etc. The surface of the steel component is rust-resistant treated with high-efficiency antiseptic to ensure the durability . Because the steel frame structure is wrapped in the thermal insulation wall, there will be no thermal bridges. The amount of steel used is small and the weight is 20-30 kg per square meter. The amount of steel used is only about 60% of that of ordinary steel frame buildings. Use at least 1/3 the amount of steel.

2. Wall structure: There are 4 types of exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, partition wall panels and thermal insulation blocks. According to the climatic temperature in different regions, different walls can be combined. The cold area is combined into a wall that is both thermally and thermally insulated to ensure that the indoor heat is not absorbed or leaked by the wall, and the energy saving effect reaches 80%, which means that only 1/5 of the energy consumption of ordinary buildings can reach the indoor For temperature requirements, in the hot area, external wall panels with hollow convection are used to form a composite wall. The solar radiation heat is taken away by the air flowing in the wall, which can keep the room comfortable and cool.

3. Floor structure: light weight, high strength, unique closed microporous structure and air sound insulation layer, making the sound insulation effect reach 50 decibels, and easy to install, the bearing capacity is more than 500 kg per square meter, far more than the average floor per square meter National standard for carrying capacity of 150 kg!

4. Roof structure: It is also designed on the principle of wall panels, with high standards of heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, and moisture resistance. It can also be shaped freely according to the design of the house.

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