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What Is a Sandwich Panel? What Are The Characteristics Of Sandwich Panels?

Jan. 16, 2020

Sandwich panel is composed of two-layer molded metal panel (or other material panel) and high-molecular heat-insulating inner core foamed and cured directly in the middle of the panel, which is easy to install, lightweight and efficient. The filling system also uses a closed-bubble molecular structure to prevent condensation of water vapor. Sandwich panels are a common product in current building materials. They not only have good flame retardant and sound insulation, but also are environmentally friendly and efficient.

At present, the classification of sandwich panels includes: polystyrene sandwich panels, that is, EPS sandwich panels (currently, the most widely used species); extruded polystyrene sandwich panels, that is, XPS sandwich panels; rigid polyurethane sandwich panels It is PU sandwich panel; three polyester sandwich panel is PIR sandwich panel; phenolic sandwich panel is PF sandwich panel; rock wool sandwich panel is RW sandwich panel.

 Eps Sandwich Panel

Eps Sandwich Panel

Features of EPS sandwich panel:

1. Light weight: The weight of the sandwich panel per square meter is less than 24kg, which can fully reduce the structural cost.

2. Quick installation: The characteristics of the sandwich panel are light, and the characteristics of plugging, installation and cutting can determine the simplicity of installation, which can improve efficiency and save construction time.

3. Fire protection: The surface material and insulation material of the sandwich panel are non-combustible or non-combustible materials, which can meet the requirements of fire protection regulations.

4. Fire resistance: Sandwich panels treated with special coatings are guaranteed for 10-15 years. After that, anti-corrosive coatings are sprayed every ten years.

5, beautiful: the clear lines of the sandwich panel are up to dozens of colors, which can meet the needs of any style of building

6, thermal insulation: commonly used thermal insulation materials are rock wool, glass fiber cotton, polystyrene, polyurethane, etc., low thermal conductivity, has a good thermal insulation effect.

7, environmental protection and noise prevention: Sandwich panel sound insulation strength can reach 40-50 decibels, is a very effective sound insulation material.

8. Strong plasticity: The sandwich panel can be cut at will, which is enough to meet the needs of special design.

9, high strength: using high-strength steel plate as the base material, tensile strength 5600 (kg / cm2), coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming, has excellent structural characteristics.

Application range

Since the EPS spontaneous combustion and ignition temperature are 495 ° C and 370oC, respectively, EPS color steel sandwich panels cannot be used for kitchen decoration, use in high-power luminaires, and cannot be near locations with high power consumption and high frequency. EPS color steel sandwich panels cannot be used as building materials for temporary low and high voltage power distribution rooms in the factory. EPS color steel sandwich panels can be used as the envelope structure material for clean workshops.

As an emerging building energy-saving material, EPS color steel sandwich panels are widely used in the construction industry. How to use EPS color steel sandwich panels in a standardized way under the conditions of ensuring energy saving and safety based on the lessons of fire? This is a major issue that the majority of firefighters need to continuously research and explore in the future.

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