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What Is a Steel Structure?

Jul. 07, 2020

 Steel Structure Workshop

The steel structure is a new form of building structure, widely used in workshops, warehouses, shops, office buildings, gymnasiums, etc. As the main load-bearing member of the steel structure building structure, the steel structure is suitable for single-story, large-span buildings and multi-story or high-rise buildings. According to specific uses, there are many types of steel structure buildings, such as steel structure workshop, steel structure warehouse, steel shed, and steel structure workshop. The design of steel structure buildings is usually customized according to customer requirements, such as building size, seismic level, and wind resistance.

Qingdao Xinguangzheng is a professional custom steel structural factory in China and can design and manufacture any form and size of steel structure to meet your needs. If you are considering building your own facility, the Steel Structure workshop is an economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Various types of steel structures for sale

The steel structure can be built into various sizes and styles for your actual use. There are several options available for different applications.

Construction of a steel structure workshop is a cost-effective option for building your own workshop. Compared with the traditional building structure, the steel structure workshop can improve the utilization rate of the area. In addition, since the steel structure of the building can be recycled and reused, a high utilization rate can be achieved. Therefore, it is almost harmless to the environment.

When considering the construction of warehouses for industrial or non-industrial purposes, steel structure warehouses have become the first choice of most customers due to their reasonable cost, high strength and long service life. The steel structure warehouse can find a variety of uses for factories, commercial buildings, and civil uses.

Depending on your specific project, environmental conditions, there are usually light steel construction and heavy type for your choice. Our goal is to build the best form of steel frame construction in many ways, including steel construction cost, strength, seismic and wind resistance, durability, and safety. To learn more about the details of steel structures, please contact your sales representative directly online.

Steel structure sheds can be used for many projects, from commercial uses (such as car sheds), agricultural uses (such as storage sheds) to industrial sectors (such as machinery workshops). The steel shed has a flexible structure and is easy and fast to install.

Unique features

Basic understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of steel construction can help you make the most informed choice. Basically, there are many advantages to adopting this form of construction.

1. Widely used. It is suitable for many industrial and non-industrial industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, and civil use.

2. The construction process is simple. All structural components are prefabricated at the factory and then installed at the construction site. As a result, it will greatly shorten the construction time and save costs for the owner.

3. Long service life. The steel structure building is safe and reliable and can withstand harsh environments such as fire, strong wind, and heavy rain. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance.

4. Exquisite appearance. The steel structure design has a modern feel. The wall panel is available in a variety of colors, and the building structure has high flexibility.

5. Reasonable expenses. This type of building is light in weight and has a short construction period, so it can be put into use quickly. Its comprehensive economic benefits are superior to concrete structure buildings.

6. Environmental protection. The steel structure can be recycled, which will reduce pollution to the environment during construction or demolition.

7. High strength and reliability. The steel structure of the building has a strong load-bearing capacity, excellent earthquake resistance, and wind resistance.

How to build a steel structure building?

For steel structure design of buildings, customers are required to provide complete parameters required by their facilities, such as the height, width, and length of the building. According to the type of steel, it can be divided into light steel structure and heavy steel structure, which can be customized design and construction according to customer requirements.

The steel structure is mainly composed of steel columns, steel beams, pur bars, roofs and wall panels. The embedded part is used as the foundation of the building. Steel columns usually use H-shaped or C-shaped steel, where C-shaped steel is connected by angle steel. Steel beams usually use C-shaped or H-shaped steel. Carbon structural steel uses Q235 or Q345. There are usually two options for roof panels, including colored steel panels and sandwich panels. The foam is usually filled between the two layers of boards and has a sound insulation effect. The different parts of the steel structure are usually connected by bolts.

The whole process includes:

Steel structure design: will be designed according to customer needs;

Cutting: The steel plate will be cut according to the drawing.

Flange and web assembly: This process will use spot welding to weld two flange plates and one web together.

Automatic welding: Weld the whole steel structure parts by submerged arc machine.

Straightening: deform the flange and web to flat.

Manual welding: Welding connecting plates and pur strips to the main steel structure parts.

Shot blasting: remove the rust on the surface of the steel structure.

Painting: The steel structure will be painted or galvanized to prevent corrosion.

After prefabricated in the factory, the steel structure is packaged and delivered to the construction site, and then installed according to architectural drawings and manuals.

In addition, the design of steel structure buildings also involves some precautions, such as anti-seepage, fire protection, wind resistance, thermal insulation design, moisture-proof, and lighting design. If you want to make your own steel structure for the workshop, warehouse, or other uses, please feel free to contact us online.

How to install a steel structure building?

The structure installation process includes several main components, including:

Site and foundation preparation.

Preparations before erection, such as preparing steel materials and components for assembly.

Primary and secondary structural installations mainly include the installation of rigid frames, uprights and beam end walls, and the remaining frames and wind bracing.

Roof and wall insulation

Panels, such as installing wall panels and roof panels.

Trim, such as front corner trim, corner trim and eaves trim.

Install doors, windows, and other accessories.

During the installation process, some precautions should be taken to avoid damage to the steel structure, such as steel columns and beams.

Maintenance of steel structures

Once installed, the building owner cannot privately change its structure, nor can it remove any bolts or components on it. In daily use, the owner should perform regular maintenance to extend the life of the building. Usually, it can be used for more than 50 years.

Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to inspect and maintain the steel structure once a year and clean it regularly. For example, it is recommended that you clean the dust on the roof every year. Do not scratch the surface of the panel with stainless steel cleaner or scrub brush. We also urge you to remove excess branches, leaves, and snow to avoid damaging structural components. In case the surface of the metal structure is damaged, it should be repaired in time to prevent the sun and rain from eroding the building. If you have any trouble in maintaining or repairing steel structures, please contact us online.

How to choose a reliable custom steel warehouse manufacturer?

When looking for a reliable steel structure company, it will be very helpful to consider some things, such as the manufacturer's industry experience, qualifications, certification, and tracking records. There are several questions that can help you narrow down the scope of suppliers, including but not limited to: How long have suppliers been in the industry? Have they obtained relevant certificates such as CE and ISO? What is your track record?

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd, is a comprehensive enterprise group which specializes in manufacturing steel structure materials, designing and undertaking steel buildings, prefab house, container house, chicken house, tank tower, kiosk, bridge crane and machinery. For more information about steel construction, please email us.

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