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How Much do you Know about Light Steel Villas?

Nov. 19, 2020

The obvious characteristics of Light Steel Prefab Villa are fireproof, moistureproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance. The construction period is short. Generally, with a rent of 200 square meters, the construction will be completed in about 50 days. Diversified house types, assembly and disassembly, and strong adaptability to the geographical environment. Its main construction mode is factory manufacturing and on-site installation. Custom Prefab Villa Manufacturer will tell you about the light steel villa.

1.Service Life

The service life of Prefab Villa is more than 50 years as specified in the local standard GB50018-2002 for cold-formed thin-wall steel structures of low-rise houses. Coupled with the protection of moisture-proof materials, sound insulation materials, and roof exterior decorations, the life of the house can reach more than 100 years.

Prefab villa

2.Construction Time

The specific construction time should be determined according to the size of the villa. Generally, it takes 2 months to complete the interior and exterior decoration of a 200-square-meter light steel villa, and the construction of the steel structure only takes one week.


The installation of a light steel villa is very simple, and the requirements for workers only need to use electric tools. We will provide construction drawings of ultra-light steel villa, and customers can independently construct according to the construction drawings.


The main advantages are reflected in comfort, energy-saving, and environmental protection, appearance, time-saving, labor-saving, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance. The use of materials such as heat preservation, moisture-proof and sound insulation is strengthened during the construction of ultra-light steel villa, and the overall comfort level of the villa is higher than that of traditional buildings. The new energy-saving exterior materials and dry-work construction adopted by it all reflect the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Because the ultra-light steel villa is spliced installation, it saves labor and construction time. At the same time, the ultra-light steel house can reach level 9 in earthquake resistance and level 13 in wind resistance. Its intelligent design and production system is not limited by design in terms of appearance selectivity. Aesthetics has an absolute advantage over the traditional house.

5.Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

The walls of light steel villa are not affected by changes in temperature or humidity, so the more heat and air-conditioning systems that are kept indoors, the more money you save on energy consumption bills. Environmental protection: All materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. And the steel used can be recycled later.

6.Foundation Requirements

There are no special requirements, and the foundation is the same as the traditional building. You can choose from strip foundation, raft foundation, slab foundation, and so on. We only provide the basic plan size drawing but are not responsible for the foundation construction.

7.Price Difference

The price difference between light steel houses and traditional buildings mainly depends on the use of materials. The starting point of traditional buildings is to build houses for the purpose, and the materials used are low prices as the first principle. In the design and construction of ultra-light steel villa, the main emphasis is on the comfort of the villa, and most of them are new-type moisture-proof, sound-proof and thermal insulation materials. The price difference in material application is the price difference between a light steel villa and traditional buildings.


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