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Container House


Standard size





Full detachable 3000mm*6000mm(L*W*H)

Outer dimension, and the hight be customized

FrameSquare tube(160*80*3.0, 120*60*3.0, 40*80*2.0, 40*40*2.0, 30*30*2.0)corner fittingcorner columncorrugated roof
Wall systemWall panel & Ceiling panel, (customer can choose EPS/ Glass wool / Rock wool /PU sandwich panel)Decoration strip (PVC material)Aluminum section (fixed wall plate)Angle aluminum( door and window frames decoration)
Floor18mm plywood plate or cement fiberboardPVC flooring
Windows and doorsWindow( Aluminum alloy windows or Plastic steel window)Entrance steel door( or other EPS door/Anti-theft door)Indoor steel wooden door
Electric systemelectric box, switch, sockets, wires, breaker and etcLED Light
Water systemPedestal pan, Hand wash basin, Shower room

20' flat pack container house
1. Three persons assemble one set in two hours
2. Easy to move
3. Easy to disassemble

 Beautiful AppearanceSteel structure don’t appear on the outside
 InstallationLow foundation requirement, high integration, stronger environmental suitability
Energy saving & Eco-friendlyStandard manufacturing, no construction garbage, environmental friendly
Safe & steadyEarthquake resistance is Grade 7, Wind resistance is Grade 7, floor loading 1.5kN/M2.
Fast to assemble and dismantleShort construction period, 4 people can install 100-150/m2 in one day.
Flexible designVarious modular combination, can satisfy different requirement
RecyclableMaterial is recyclable
Comfortable and beautifulFlat connection, elegant and chic
Easy to load & delivery6-8 set( 20ft ) per 40 HQ

Container House

Container House