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Prefab villa

Energy conservation, Environmental protection and Easy assembled Villa


Prefab villa Introduction:

Prefab Villa used light steel structure frame with light weight energy saving board wall panel in wall and floor system. Our prefabricated house is easy installation, all frame in bolts connected at side to minimize transportation costs. Light gauge steel fame home could be designed the subfloor model, moistureproof, widely used in the coastal area etc. Prefab light steel villa we produce is very beautiful and high quality prefab homes.

Material of prefabricated steel house:

Generally, for the affordable prefab homes, there are some different materials assemble for different demand. Such as the traditional brick house, and the sandwich panel house for modular homes at site etc. XGZ company designed the new type housing, steel framed houses chose the light steel frame to has good strength and seismic or wind resistance. ALC panel ( or cement compound panel) for wall, Its high comfort and good insulation performance, Energy saving and environmental protection, and fast install than brick wall.

The customers could choose the color of the prefab cabins roof and wall paint, as their prefer.

The low running cost is up to its competitiveness.

Steel house construction Layout: 3 bedrooms, 2 living room,1 open kitchen,3 washing room, 1 Laundry room

Luxury prefab homes Buikdubg area: 135.4㎡ house + 17.2㎡ Terrace

Prefab House Description:

- Functional requirements -- livable and comfortable, reasonable layout, dynamic and static partition, clean and dirty partition, and open toilets;

- Requirements for the module system -- the width of the factory standard plate is an integral multiple of 300MM

- China prefab homes designed the subfloor model, moistureproof, widely used in the coastal area etc.

Prefab villa structure:

1/ Prefab bungalow house used light steel structure frame with ALC board in wall

2/ Prefab bungalow homes:Fast installation, all frame in bolts or weld connected at side to minimize transportation costs.

3/ The steel home has a good seismic resistance, wind, heat insulation, thermal insulation and other properties, the housing comfort than the traditional concrete structure and light steel keel structure housing

4/ Designed the terrace, more convenient the living interesting,

5/ The entrance is provided with a door-bucket.

6/ Designed three washing rooms, excepy one closed to living room, there are two bedrooms with washing room and Walk-in closet, the life is more convenient.

7/ Designed the laundry room

8/ Exterior could paint or decorated by wood plastic board etc.

As a prefabricated villa china manufacturers, we can design according to your needs.

Prefab villa

Prefab villa

Advantages of Prefab House:

1. High stability of importing prefab homes from china.

The structure of the structure is good in integrity and light in weight, and it can resist earthquakes over magnitude 9 and hurricanes with wind speeds up to 50 m / s.

2. Quickly completion.

It only takes one to two weeks to complete the installation of the main structure of a house of 200 to 300 square meters, and it takes only one month to reach the rough decoration standard. 700 square foot modular homes can also be built quickly.

3. Light steel structure frame are suitable for construction on various geological conditions.

It can be built on some foundations with lower bearing capacity (such as mountainous and hilly areas) without special foundation treatment.

4. The construction of prefabricated houses is less affected by climatic conditions.

5. Light steel structure frame home has more use area.

Residential area can be as high as 92%, which is about 7% -10% more than traditional buildings.

6. The appearance of the prefabricated house is rich and diverse.

Both luxury and minimalist homes are available. 

Prefab villa

Xinguangzheng services:

If you want order our 2 bedroom prefab cottage, you will get the best product and service. “Customer first” is our business philosophy.

If you are finding prefabricated villa China suppliers and manufacturer, you can choose us. As a professional company in China, We can help you solve design problems and provide solutions. We guarantee product quality and construction time.

We have many success projects. 

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